NF-5 accidents

date type serial nation squadron pilot remarks
13-5-1971 NF-5A K-3037 KLu 315sq PEJK It crashed near Lüttum, Germany / Hit the stabilization-cable of a 220m transmision tower. Wing was cut off. Plane crashed into three buildings of then nearby village of Lüttum. Pilot Lt.Col W.P. Vogelaar (45) ejected while while plane was upside down, crashed into a house and was killed.
18-7-1972 NF-5A K-3064 KLu 316sq PK It crashed near Beusichem and Zoelmond into a field. Pilot 2nd Lt. C.A.M. Stoke killed. Cause unknown.
28-6-1973 NF-5A K-3002 KLu 313sq PK It crashed near Hulten, Noord-Brabant / probably hit by lightning during approach in bad weather. Desorientation is also possible cause . Pilot 2nd Lt J.J. Woerdeman.
2-10-1973 NF-5A K-3071 KLu 316sq POK It encountered a bird strike during take-off at Gilze Rijen, overran the runway hit a ditch tearing away the landing gear and ending up in a field. The fire brigade was in time to fight the fire in the aft section. Aircraft became instructional airframe later.
2-8-1974 NF-5A K-3074 KLu 314sq PK It crashed near Steinen, Germany, 28 km from Koblenz. The pilot 1Lt. A.S. Bource was sadly killed. Cause target fascination disorientation over the target.
1-11-1974 NF-5A K-3009 KLu 313sq PEJOK It crashed S. of Akkrum, (Fr) after mid air collision with NF-5B K-4001 and crashed in a field. Pilot 2lt A.G.M. Fons Hemmelder ejected safely. K-4001 of 315 Sqn made an emergency landing at Leeuwarden AB with pilots Capt J. van Arkel and Jaap Batenburg. While performing a FCF (Functional Checkout Flight) the two seater decided to perform an intercept on the NF-5A in which he flew against the starboard side of the aircraft.
24-4-1975 NF-5B K-4004 KLu 314sq 1PEJOK1PK It crashed Retie near Turnhout, Antwerp, Belgium. Lost control after an engine failure and crashed. 1st Lt J.R. Smit could not eject in time and was sadly killed. Other pilot ejected but was wounded (broken leg and ankle).
11-7-1975 NF-5A K-3029 KLu 314sq PK It crashed in a field after a bird strike on take off, near Ramstein AFB. Pilot 1st Lt. B.C.J.J. van Geffen ejected but chute did not open and he was sadly killed.
21-6-1976 NF-5B K-4022 KLu 314sq 2PK It crashed Leopoldsburg, Belgium. While diving into the target the aircraft struck ground and exploded. Both pilots were sadly killed. 1st Lt N.H. Theunissen and 1st Lt. H.W.M. Peeters.
7-7-1977 NF-5A K-3075 KLu 314sq PK It crashed near Kassel and Heinsberg, Germany. The pilot, 1st Lt. H.J.G.A. Meulman, rsadly died in the crash. The pilot was most likely disorientated after he flew out of clouds, made a recovery roll and hit the trees on the hill.
13-9-1978 NF-5A K-3006 KLu 316sq PEJOK It crashed near Lemselo. Crashed in a field after an engine failure,The pilot ejected safely.
22-7-1980 NF-5A K-3059 KLu 315sq PK It crashed while performing a looping on the airbase. Demonstration pilot Capt. J.H.F “Hans” Könings (30) was sadly killed instantly.
1-10-1980 NF-5A K-3010 KLu 316sq PK It crashed near Venlo. Crashed while buzzing his parents home. 2ndLt M.G.M Sleegers (25) was sadly killed.
1-6-1981 NF-5A K-3053 KLu 315sq PK It crashed near Schöppingen, Germany, 30km from homebase Twenthe,  Pilot 2nd Lt  J. Hoekstra (22) was sadly killed.
25-4-1983 NF-5A K-3038 KLu 315sq PEJK It crashed 50km S of Liege, Belgium. Crashed on a navigation mission over the Ardennes. The pilot, 2ndLt W. Timmer (25) ejected but too low and was sadly killed.
4-2-1985 NF-5A K-3034 KLu 314sq POK It got damaged during emergency landing Eindhoven and declared w/o. Pilot was safe.
20-3-1986 NF-5A K-3050 KLu 316sq PK It crashed South of München, Germany. Pilot P.J.N. Huiberts (23) was sadly killed. Aircraft hit a hill after probably encountering a jetwash situation. *
16-1-1987 NF-5A K-3068 KLu 314sq POK It was declared after emergency landing at Hopsten Air Base after encountering severe birdstrike. Pilot was safe.
16-6-1987 NF-5A K-3026 KLu 316sq PK Midair collision SW off Terschelling (Fr) between NF-5’s K-3026 and K-4023 and crashed. 2nd Lt E. Waller (24) was sadly killed. Collision happened at 15:16h local time. *
16-6-1987 NF-5B K-4023 KLu 316sq 2PEJOK Midair collision SW off Terschelling (Fr) between NF-5’s K-3026 and K-4023 and crashed. Both pilots were fine. 2eLt M. Duivesteijn (21) and Capt J.P.A. Kahlman (27).
4-5-1990 NF-5A K-3044 KLu 314sq PEJOK It crashed near Best (NB). Engine lost power after bird strike. The airplane crash landed in a field. Pilot ejected safely but had some back issues. *
6-5-1991 NF-5A 71-3054 TuAF 134Filo PEJOK It crashed near Konya, Pilot ejected.
12-7-1991 NF-5A 71-3067 TuAF 134Filo PK It crashed near Afyon AB. Ran out of fuel. Crashed. Pilot (22).
13-2-1995 NF-5A 70-3018 TuAF 134Filo PEJOK It crashed near Konya. Pilot Yzb Hakan Çanga ejected.
27-3-1996 NF-5B 71-4024 TuAF 134Filo 2PK It crashed near Eskişehir AB. Pilots 34/32yrs.
9-2-2011 NF-5A 70-3019 TuAF 134Filo PK It crashed 15 km SW of Ermenek. Female pilot 2°Ltn Ayfer Gok.
12-6-2007 NF-5A 70-3035 TuAF 134Filo PEJOK It crashed in mountainous region near Kuyubaşi/Konya. Pilot ejected.
13-3-2012 NF-5A 69-3001 TuAF 134Filo PK It crashed ca 2 km from Konya AB, shortly after take-off from Konya AB, LTAN, and came down in a field about 2 km away from the runway.
7-4-2021 NF-5A-2000 71-3058 TuAF 134Filo PK It crashed near Konya, Fevzi Cakmak, Turkey, killing the pilot.
6-12-2022 NF-5A-2000 xx-30xx TuAF 134Filo PEJOK It crashed in Konya after a bird strike.
The pilot ejected safely.

K-3010, Venlo.

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